Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Plovdiv Socialist Tour

On September 9th 1944, the Red Army entered Bulgaria. This event inaugurated an era of 45 years in which Bulgaria was part of the Eastern Bloc, taking a course towards building a Communist society. That course imposed a radical transformation both in people’s perceptions and in the city- and landscapes across the country.
Behind the Iron Curtain, Plovdiv managed to go down in history as a rebellious and liberal city with an extreme strategic importance. In the second largest city of Bulgaria are located some of the most memorable buildings and monuments of Socialism that the visitor’s naked eye would overlook without getting to know their stories and context.
Sign up for our two-hour “secret” walking tour of Socialist Plovdiv and you will have the opportunity to feel and take a closer look at the “red” era and its stories.

You will be following the living tracks of Socialist Plovdiv immersing yourself in the spirit and the burning issues of this controversial, yet crucial period.
In our two-hour “secret” walking tour, we will introduce you to the era of Socialism and its heritage in the oldest continuously inhabited European city in an informed, neutral and interactive manner.
We are looking forward to welcoming our comrades every Monday at 15:00; Tuesday at 13:00; Wednesday at 10:00; Friday at 10:00; in front of Plovdiv Municipality. The estimated length of our English walking tour around Plovdiv is about two hours.
Recommended contribution: 20 lv.

Plovdiv Jewish Tour

The Secret Jewish Tour of Plovdiv seeks to present the history of the city’s Jewry in a fun, educational and interactive way. Embark on our journey through 2000 years of Jewish presence in Plovdiv and have a unique insight into the multifaceted heritage of this fascinating community.
The walking tour seeks the little details that make the city’s puzzle a complete one. The Jewish community is an important part of the multicultural puzzle of our city.
The Jewish community in Plovdiv looks back to a long history of thriving cultural and religious life. The Ancient Synagogue of the Roman period, the Monument of Gratitude and the Zion Synagogue form the familiar face of the community. On the other hand, there is a hidden and forgotten side to Jewish history in Plovdiv: narrations, personal memories, experiences and feelings. This tour aims to tell all these untold stories and make the participant immerse into them while unveiling the hidden gems of the community.
We are looking forward to welcoming you every Monday at 10:00; Wednesday at 10:00 and Friday at 15:00.
The estimated length of our English walking tour around Plovdiv is about two hours. Recommended contribution: 20 lv.

Plovdiv Ottoman Heritage Tour

For the traveler’s eye, the Orient and the Balkans have always been a riddle, a secret and a mystery. From the sumptuous steam baths to the fragrant spice bazaars and from the camel caravans roaming on narrow cobblestone streets to the elegant minarets of mosques – every image of this enchanted world has always attracted the romantic soul and the adventurer. In our perception of the Orient, reality and imagination merge with each other quite often; however, it deserves more than a naive romanticisation.

The Ottoman history of Plovdiv is also hidden and mysterious. It isn’t easy for the curious traveler to follow on their own the trail of ancient legends and to fully immerse into the atmosphere of the old streets and yards of Plovdiv.

With this tour, we would like to help you dive into the Ottoman past of Plovdiv in a neutral and well-informed manner, overcoming all stereotypes about the Orient and the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, we will reveal to your eyes the cultural heritage of these five centuries pointing to the positive and negative traces they left in the modern lifestyle of our multifaceted city.
We can’t wait to welcome you every Tuesday at 10:00; Wednesday at 15:00 and Thursday at 10:00 in front of the Ancient Stadium. The estimated length of our English walking tour around Plovdiv is about two hours. Recommended contribution: 20 lv.

The recommended donation per tour is 20 lv.
Why do we collect donations? By contributing to our project at the end of every tour you support us in reviving and developing the tangible and intangible heritage of our country. Our organisation relies on self-funding.

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