Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Aims of the Project

If you are one of those city visitors who want to get off the beaten path and look at the city through the eyes of the locals, then Plovdiv Secret Tours is the project that will surely offer you the experience you have been looking for.

Our team has the pleasure to present you our series of “secret” walking tours through which we would like to reveal to your eyes the multiple faces of our ancient and eternal city.

Getting to know a city is like putting together a puzzle. Some pieces are thoroughly hidden amid the sands of time and the city hustle, but we know all the secret spots where you can find them. Come and take our special city tours!

/This project is aimed at developing cultural tourism and popularizing the tangible and intangible cultural and historical heritage of our city./

Aims of the Organization

  1. Main objective
  • Contributing to popularizing cultural spaces with high historical and ethnographic value that are located outside the traditional mainstream itineraries. 
  • Turning public attention to the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural and historical heritage in cases in which its importance and vulnerability has not been identified yet by society (although its existence is at risk).
  • Contributing to creating and establishing a modern local identity by expanding the historical and cultural horizon of the community.

Creating a broader image of the Bulgarian cultural heritage among both city visitors and locals by including less known dimensions and aspects hereof.

2. Main activities 

  • Contributing to developing the cultural management and the cultural tourism in Bulgaria. 
  • Offering socio-cultural services revolving around presenting to both the city visitors and the locals specific aspects of everyday culture and lifestyle across different social milieus and historical periods.
  • Contributing to enhancing the recognizability of the local tourist product among the city visitors as well as diversifying the product portfolio. 
  • Creating a new series of socio-cultural itineraries and experiences aiming to turning the cities into all year cultural and tourist destinations. 

3. Social Responsibility

  • Integrating people from various social, age and ethnic groups into activities with a positive impact on the socio-cultural life of their communities. 
  • Providing high school and university students with the opportunity to be part of various projects and initiatives aiming at enhancing the local cultural performance and developing social spaces.
  • Developing leadership and social skills among high school and university students. 
  • Cooperation with representative organizations of various communities present both in Bulgaria and the rest of Europe. 
  • Support and participation in various causes and initiatives with a far-reaching impact on society.